Your views needed on how to tackle spitting in the street in Boston

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Council bosses want to hear how you would deal with people who spit in the streets as part of its plan to tackle ‘environmental crime’.

Boston Borough Council will be holding a stall in the Market Place on Wednesday, January 8, when it wants views from the public on a range of issues, including whether tough enforcement action should be taken against people who spit in a public place.

The issue has sparked a debate on The Standard’s Facebook page, with many people callling for tough action to stop a ‘disgusting’ habit.

But many others feel the council’s efforts would be better directed elsewhere.

Lynda Bell said: “It is horrid but I think there are far more issues to deal with, spitting is so trivial compared to what is going on in Boston.

“The council yet again trying to find a way to get more money to line there pockets.”

David Gray wrote: “Police cannot even control and stop the drinkers, so how will this work ?

“All anti-social behaviour should be cracked down on, but as usual we are lacking laws that we want to see in place and the lack of enforcement at the moment makes it all a laughing stock.”

Rob Hancock argued that spitting was ‘not only disgusting , but a way of spreading disease’, while when asked what punishment spitters should receive Kayleigh Denham wrote: “A fine. It’s horrible makes me feel ill, yuk!”

Questionnaires will be available to take away from the council’s market stall or they can be filled in on the day.

Views will also be sought on littering, fly tipping, dog fouling, graffiti, urinating in the streets, fly-posting and abandoning vehicles.

These ‘image issues’ all came out of a council task and finish group – with the cauthority vowing it wants to get tough on people who spoil the borough’s environment for the rest of the population.

The environmental crime survey can also be completed online at the council’s website –