‘Cut it out’ - council asks people to stop demanding it cuts grass where it ‘has no authority’

Long grass, Windsor Bank. EMN-171206-123404001 EMN-171206-123404001
Long grass, Windsor Bank. EMN-171206-123404001 EMN-171206-123404001

Boston Borough Council has moved to clarify who deals with what when it comes to grass-cutting around the borough after residents have been posting photos demanding it ‘cuts the grass’ in areas it says it ‘has no authority’.

The authority acknowledge there had been ‘a lot of comment, especially on social media, about grass in public areas which has been left to grow’ adding: “It is understandable that many do not differentiate between councils. But parish, borough and county councils all have different responsibilities.”

A statement from the council said; “Some commentators have taken every opportunity to demand that Boston Borough Council ‘cuts the grass’ with accompanying photographs showing areas where the borough council has no authority.

“Lincolnshire County Council is responsible for grass cutting highway verges and, due to financial challenges, it now carries out cutting twice a year during the summer months. Consideration will be given to additional cuts where there are road safety concerns.

“In some areas, this work will be taken on by a parish council, who may carry out additional cuts at their own discretion.

“In Boston borough the two county council verge grass cuts were scheduled for May 15 to June 16 and from September 11 to October 13 in rural areas and from June 1 to July 13 and September 1 to October 13 in built-up areas.

The statement said: “Boston Borough Council staff and equipment may well be seen undertaking these cuts, but this is funded by the county council.

“Boston Borough Council cuts grass within parks and public open spaces within the boundary of Boston town only. It does not cut grass within a parish or on privately-owned land or on developments which have not been adopted.”

The spokesman also confirmed the borough council has not had a request from Lincolnshire County Council to take on additional grass cutting duties.

Lincolnshire County Council says its twice-yearly ‘safety’ trims (down from three) ‘strikes the right balance – it keeps our roads safe, while ensuring the service remains affordable’.

The amenity area cuts have been chopped altogether with many parishes taking this on.

There has been a growing demand on social media for something to be done about ‘overgrown’ grass in the area since the county council made cuts to its cutting budget.

Any amenity cutting - to keep areas looking nice - will have to be taken on by parish and districts councils.

It is expected this will save the county council £850,000 per year.

So far Fosdyke, Kirton, Sutterton, Wyberton and Swineshead parish councils have agreed to cut some verges on behalf of LCC.

A spokesman for Wrangle Parish Council said it had not yet been asked to take on any lost service.

A spokesman for Old Leake has told The Standard the request had come after the parish precept had been set. They said the council was planning to see how the county council’s planned cuts went and would review the situation should the grass get too long after that.

The council asked anyone who wanted more information about grass cutting to highway verges within a parish, to contact Lincolnshire County Council’s Customer Service Centre on 01522 782070 or customer_services@lincolnshire.gov.uk