Dad hits out at health chief Jeremy Hunt and backs NHS ‘miracle workers’

JJ with parents Michael Simpson and Carla Walker. Photo: Michael Simpson.
JJ with parents Michael Simpson and Carla Walker. Photo: Michael Simpson.

A father who posted a picture on social media of his poorly baby in support of the NHS ‘miracle workers’ who saved his life has received national attention.

Michael Simpson, 37, of Leverton, shared the picture on Facebook of baby John Joseph (JJ) Simpson at just three-hours-old, in anger at Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s recent suggestion to enforce a seven day contract.

Baby JJ. Photo: Michael Simpson.

Baby JJ. Photo: Michael Simpson.

Mr Simpson said he felt compelled to post the picture, which had never been shared before, with the words “Where are you today Jeremy Hunt? Bet you’re not at work!

“Well there are numerous amazing NHS staff, consultants, doctors and nurses amongst others that are looking after my son and millions of others at weekends and out of hours, get a grip and support them rather than moaning that they don’t work weekends.”

After being posted on Sunday, the photo has been shared thousands of times and Michael said the response had been ‘phenomenal’.

He and JJ’s mum Carla Walker travel to see their son at the neonatal unit at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.

JJ, who Michael said on Tuesday was ‘on day 92’, was born 16 weeks early weighing just 1lb and 9oz. He has since contracted a stomach condition, e-coli, septicemia and hypercholemia.

Michael said: “It was touch and go for a long time, for about three weeks, he was very, very poorly.

“We were working and got called back. When they called us back they said if you wanted him baptised you might want to do it now because we don’t think he’s going to make it.

“We said no, if we’re going to baptise him it’s going to be in Boston.”

He added if they did baptise him, it would be in The Stump.

Angel’s Taxis owner Michael said he will now be dedicating his life to raising money and supporting the neonatal unit and its staff.

He said: “The only way I can describe the staff are ‘miracle workers’ that’s the only thing I can describe them - they are like gods. The number of times I have seen doctors and nurses go above and beyond. It’s a humbling experience to seem them and the work they do.”

He said there were several fundraisers planned. On August 16, there is a big motorcycle ride being organised from Boston, Main Ridge, to Market Rasen. For more information search JJ’s neonatal ICU charity motorbike ride, Boston Lincolnshire on Facebook.

Doctors and nursed have been sharing pictures at work with the hashtag #Iminworkjeremy following Mr Hunts claims of a ‘Monday to Friday’ culture in some parts of the NHS.