December sees sunshine but not much rain

DECEMBER was notable for the presence of sunshine and the lack of rain, according to Boston weatherman Albert Kirkham.

A whopping 20 hours more sunshine than normal were recorded in the town during December, with a total of 68.5 hours. The sunniest days, on December 12 and 13, saw people enjoying five hours of bright sunshine.

There was just 48.2mm (1.90 inches) of rain over the month - less than the usual 51.7mm (2.04 inches).

There were 23 days of measurable rain.

The temperature was also higher than the norm, with a mean maximum temperature of 8.9C (47.6F), compared to the average of 7.8C (46.1F).

The lowest mean temperature was 2.2C (36.5F) - 0.6C lower than the average.

Temperatures soared to 13.9C (57F) on the warmest day, December 26, and dipped to -2.8C (27F) on December 19.

A total of 18 days saw frost on the ground, and there was frost in the air on six days.

There were eight days with no sunshine.