Did you lose a kitten on New year’s Eve?

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A black and white kitten was found on a frosty New Year’s Eve in Boston.

Pilley’s Lane resident Mary Masterson said she heard a cat’s cries coming from a field near her home that evening.

“I kept hearing this cat and thought one must have been run over as this is quite a busy road here,” she said.

“I went out to try and find it but couldn’t see anything. But when I came back inside the cries started again.”

Venturing into the cold again, Mrs Masterson said she was greeted by the tiny kitten on her driveway.

“It’s such a lovable little thing - but as it’s so young I certainly don’t think it would have survived outside for very long.”

Her son visited homes in the area to ask if anyone had lost a kitten - but to no avail.

“I can’t imagine it would have been able to travel far as it’s very small,” she added. “We thought someone might have dumped it - but it looks like it had been well cared for.”

She is currently caring for the animal at her home.

If you think the kitten could be yours call 01205 354753 giving details about its sex and distinctive appearance.