Digs to take place at wind farm

Archaeologists are set to start work investigating some of the historic landscape around the planned Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm which includes a substation at Bicker Fen.

The works, which will include 300 trial trenches, are part of a programme of surveys being undertaken across 60km of Lincolnshire.

A spokesman for the project said the work was ‘one of the largest archaeologoical explorations of the local area and said any findings will be archived locally for the benefit of future generations.

Triton Knoll Project Director James Cotter, said: “This is a really valuable and interesting programme of investigations for the project, and also for the local area.

“The trenches will mostly be around a metre deep and the results will help build a really detailed picture of the landscape to help inform our construction methods.

“At the same time, we may uncover some interesting local artefacts, which could be of real interest to future generations, and will be passed over to local curators as a record of the area’s archaeological history, once all analysis is finished.”

The digs will start next month and will be carried out by Lincoln firm Allen Archaeology.

The trenches will be about 2m wide and up to 50m long in some places, with some being visible across local fields.