Dog attack left young boy ‘traumatised’

Young Ethan Sullion outside his home where he was attacked by a dog, pictured with dad Nathan.
Young Ethan Sullion outside his home where he was attacked by a dog, pictured with dad Nathan.

A young boy has been left ‘traumatised’ after a rottweiler dog attacked him outside his home.

Ethan Scullion was playing with a ball in Linden Way, Boston, when the dog ran over the road and bit his hand.

“I was really scared so I went to run away but it chased me and bit me,” said the nine-year-old.

Parents Nathan and Ella Scullion were inside when they heard their son sreaming.

“We ran out, and the neighbours had called the dog back over and bundled it into a car and disappeared,” said Mr Scullion. “I think Ethan was traumatised by it all.

“They knew it had bitten him but they never came over to check if he was alright or to apologise.”

The family say the dog was regularly allowed to run freely around the area and they along with their neighbours, many of whom are elderly, had been growing increasingly concerned about it.

“It has been running around doing its business in our gardens and it’s a big intimidating dog,” said Mr Scullion. “I had previously spoken to them about keeping it on a lead and had phoned the police about the dog before this happened.”

Mrs Scullion said: “It’s not very nice to not feel safe in your own property,” adding that Ethan has been left nervous and suffering nightmares following the attack.

The incident took place on at about 6.45pm on Friday, June 27, and saw the child treated at Pilgrim Hospital A&E for minor cuts to his hand and bruising to his leg.

Mr Scullion said the dog’s owners were in the process of moving out, and after returning from A&E, he found they had left.

He added: “We have got two cats, as have neighbours, and if this dog had gotten hold of one of them that would have been it.

“I don’t blame the dog - it’s the owners who are just not taking responsibility for it.

“If you are going to have a dog like that you should keep them under control.

He added: “Ethan was lucky to get off with a relatively minor injury - it could have been a lot worse.”

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police told The Standard: “We have received a complaint about this and are investigating.”