Double delight for Army Cadet twins

Megan and Molly
Megan and Molly

Identical twins Megan and Molly Daniel from the Kirton detachment of the Lincolnshire Army Cadets have completed their basic training.

The 14-year-olds have just returned from five days at Beckingham Camp.

Reflecting on her time at camp, Megan said: “Camp has gone really well for me as I’ve passed everything I needed to, especially shooting where I got the ‘best marksman’ award. My marching is much better too; I can now keep in time.”

Throughout camp, her sister Molly helped ensure that her billet was spic and span and her efforts were also formally acknowledged at the parade.

A delighted Molly said: “With this being my second camp I’ve achieved a lot, such as applying my camouflage cream correctly first time and passing my shooting.”

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