Duncan Browne: A monument to sum our town up


I’m a sucker for a quirk. I really am. While ambling through Amsterdam earlier this year, gazing awestruck at those tall, thin houses and routinely-perfect canals I came face-to-face with a floating head attached to a tiny body.

I promise you, I had not been smoking any of the city’s most notorious delecacies. This was a part-bust, part charicature tribute to Multatuli.

When drawn to the statue I knew nothing of the man, his novels or his denunciations of Dutch colonialism. But I knew instantly that I loved what I’d set my eyes on.

As I said, I love a quirk. Stroll along Queen’s Walk (the south bank of the Thames) and you will be bombarded with so many that, were it nor for London prices, you’d need a stiff drink.

HMS Belfast, The Shard, the Millennium Bridge, London Eye, The Globe Theatre were all passed the last time I walked along the promenade, and that’s just on one side.

Such grand statements will always take your breath away. Similarly, I always have to force my eyes back on the A1 when the Angel of the North pops into sight, praying that I didn’t stray into the path of Mr Stobart.

But even oddities on a smaller scale can add vibrance to a place. Anthony Gormley’s 100 lifesized cast-iron figures looking out to sea on Crosby Beach, Hull’s Larkin Toads, Liverpool’s Superlambananas and the Go Go Gorillas in Norwich (Google them, I beg you) are just brilliant.

Even The Walks in King’s Lynn is brought to life by some giant pencils and families carved from tree trunks.

So I think it’s about time we had something similar in Boston.

The Stump is doubtlessly one of the Midlands’ finest buildings, and the Ingram Memorial an eternal joy.

But in modern times we’ve only had a few carvings along the Witham Country Way (which aren’t seen by nearly enough people) that ‘angel’ which looks more like Morph stuck up in the Guildhall window (and I bet you’ve not even noticed it).

But what? What one-off would you like to see in the town centre, Central Park or along the riverside that would sum this town up beautifully?

Concrete cows? A Life-sized Lincolnshire Poacher? A trail of sausages? Perhaps a statue of Callum Johnson?

Email me ideas of what you’d like to see commissioned, and where, to duncan.browne@jpress.co.uk and I’ll share the best ideas next time the boss lets me write here.