Easter arrival at the Village Church Farm in Skegness

The new Easter arrivals at the Village Church Farm in Skegness.
The new Easter arrivals at the Village Church Farm in Skegness.

Four lucky chickens have taken up residence at a Lin‌colnshire farming museum.

The family of four Lincolnshire Buff chickens arrived at Skegness’ Village Church Farm over Easter.

The chickens have been named in the farms Easter Competition by visitors.

The names chosen are: Lucky, Doris, Currie and Rose.

Village Church Farm Manager Sue Sheldord said: “We wanted to have something relevant to Lincolnshire in terms of livestock at the museum and we were delighted to have got some Lincolnshire Buff chickens, as they have only recently brought the breed back and numbers are still very low, so we thought we could help to bring the breed on by taking on four hens, with a view to getting a cockerel in the future to accompany them.”

“The Lincolnshire Buffs are quite a large bird, with a lovely golden ploom and huge claws and hopefully we can help raise the profile of this beautiful breed of chicken, which is specific to Lincolnshire,” added Sue.

The Lincolnshire Buff Poultry Society was established in 1995 at the society’s first meeting, held at Gipsey Bridge in Boston, and has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The society welcomes new members whether their interest lies in keeping a few hens for eggs, conservation, keeping an all round smallholding for birds or just wishing to support the County breed of Lincolnshire.

The society is particularly interested in encouraging serious breeders who can help increase the number of quality birds in circulation.

Visit www.lincolnshirebuff.co.uk for more information.

Photo credit: Rodney Martin.