Boston Grammar School celebrates 98 per cent pass rate

Students at Boston Grammar School celebrating their results.
Students at Boston Grammar School celebrating their results.

Celebrations are being held at Boston Grammar School over this year’s A-level results, where 98 per cent of all entries were graded A*-E.

More than one in four (26 per cent) of all results at the South End school were A* or A grades.

It was also a record year in maths, with 73 per cent of students gaining A* to B grades.

In further maths, 100 per cent of grades were A* to B, with 80 per cent being A* or A.

In biology, chemistry and physics, more than 60 per cent of students were awarded grades A* to B in each subject.

Principal John McHenry said: “The hard work and conscientious efforts of students and their teachers deserve to be recognised and commended.”

Among the notable successes were Alice Stacey and Vashist Motkur, who achieved five and four A* grades respectively, and Adam Fountain, who has secured a place at Cambridge University to study natural sciences.

Mr McHenry added: “The school congratulates all of the students on their results and wishes them every success in the future.”