Departing Boston Grammar School head hopes to be remembered for legacy of improvements

Boston Grammar School principal Paul Marsh
Boston Grammar School principal Paul Marsh

Departing Boston Grammar School principal Paul Marsh says he hopes he will be remembered for a legacy of improvements.

The Standard announced the news of Mr Marsh decision to leave on our website last week – with the principal now set to leave the school at Easter.

In a statement, Mr Marsh said: “It has been a difficult decision to move on to other things after investing over 10 years in Boston Grammar School.

“However, I hope that my tenure as head and principal will be remembered for the improvements made since taking over in 2010.

“The school was last year deemed ‘good with outstanding features’ by Ofsted, student numbers have increased and the academy conversion has brought it autonomy over its own affairs. The most obviously ‘outstanding’ feature of Boston Grammar School is the student body, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with some wonderful young people in my time at the school.”

He added: “I would also like to thank parents – and the Boston community in general – for the support and co-operation I have received in my time at the school. I wish everyone the very best for a bright future.”

Since the news broke, many connected to the school have praised Mr Marsh.

Chair of the governors Stephen Woodliffe said: “He’s made the decision to move on and we wish Paul well in his new career.”

Mr Woodliffe said Mr Marsh’s move was ‘natural’ as part of his ‘career progression’.

On our Facebook page, Cark Jennings wrote: “Shame. Mr Marsh is a great bloke.”

Jake Howland commented: “The dynamic duo he formed with McHenry was brilliant for BG.”

Meanwhile, Jake Kelly added: “Top man. A massive loss for the school.”