Education centre opens in former Boston gallery

Nacro Education Centre at the former Haven Gallery
Nacro Education Centre at the former Haven Gallery

A new education centre has opened up in the former Haven Gallery in Boston - and aims to help young people who are not in training or work.

The Nacro Education Centre will target 16-19 year olds not in education, employment or training - NEETs – with a programme of courses.

Nacro opening day

Nacro opening day

Bosses say it will offer 
‘employment preparation’, problem solving and pre-vocational and vocational courses and backed Nacro’s track record to turn people’s prospects around.

Gareth Jones, manager of Nacro’s new education centre in Boston, said: “The Haven centre in Boston will offer young people in the local community free access to the skills and knowledge they need to get into education, training or employment through specific and highly supportive education courses.

“Nacro equips young people with the vocational, practical and interpersonal skills they need to access work placements, apprenticeships and enter the world of employment.

“We work with a wide range of employers to ensure they get the young people who are the right fit for their businesses.”

Nacro says 4.4 per cent of Lincolnshire 16-18 year olds are NEETs.

A spokesman said: “Part of the reason for this is that those with complex educational and behavioural needs sometimes lack adequate provision and fall through the cracks at a vital stage in their development, adversely impacting truancy rates and further exacerbating the NEET population as well as youth unemployment figures.”

Wednesday saw the venue officially opened by Mayor of Boston Alison Austin.

On the day students gave tours to groups of visiting Nacro staff, Boston councillors, the mayor and referral agencies.

During the tours visitors were given the opportunity to see the new building, and speak with staff members and current students to find out more about what will be done at the Nacro centre in Boston.

People took part in numerous activities around the building including arithmetic bingo, virtual penalty taking competitions and timed nappy changing competition in the child care room.

The official opening was followed by an open day on Monday to showcase the work of the new centre.

Nacro will pay young people a £30 weekly bursary and travel costs with courses including:

l Sport, Level 1 & 2

l Child Care, Level 1 & 2

l Retail, Level 1

l English, maths & ICT qualifications

l Employability

l Traineeships and work placements