From special measures to celebrates successful inspection

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STAFF at a primary school that had been placed in special measures let out a loud cheer when they discovered that inspectors had now rated them as ‘good’.

St Thomas’ Primary School impressed Ofsted enough to come out of special measures – which it had been in for a year – in style.

With a new team of staff and a new leadership team in place, the Wyberton Low Road school has come on leaps and bounds since it was given the damning verdict last March – and staff are thrilled about the changes.

Executive headteacher Helen Richardson told The Standard: “The staff were just elated when they were given the information by the inspector. I’m so proud of them, because they have worked so hard. We’re thrilled that their achievements have now been recognised and we’re now no longer deemed to need special measures.”

Last year, inspectors found major problems with children’s attainment, provision of resources for early years pupils and the effectiveness of leadership at the school.

Now a new leadership team is in place, pupils are achieving a much higher level of attainment and the early years provision is ‘unrecognisable’ from its previous form.

Mrs Richardson, who took over as headteacher about a year ago, said the changes had been mainly due to the recruitment of some ‘outstanding’ staff.

She added: “The atmosphere of the school and the morale of the staff is great. It’s a brilliant place to be, and that wasn’t the case in March 2011.”