Head of new Boston school promises to bring ‘world class’ education to town

An artists impression of the former Conway School, which will open as Boston Pioneers in September.
An artists impression of the former Conway School, which will open as Boston Pioneers in September.

The head of a new primary school that will open in Boston this year has promised to deliver ‘world class’ education to the town.

Boston Pioneers will take on the former Conway School in Tunnard Street from September and then – subject to planning permission – will move into a brand new building on the former Ford garage site in Fydell Crescent in 2014.

Pioneers will be a ‘free school’ and will be led by Jo Bland, who joins from Fishtoft Primary School.

At Fishtoft she transformed a failing school in to one deemed ‘good with outstanding features’ by Ofsted inspectors and is promising big things for the new venture.

She said: “This is not just going to be a run of the mill school for Boston. We want to bring world class learning to Boston.”

Miss Bland, 34, was born in the area and attended Park Primary and Boston High schools. She left to train in London and York before returning to Lincolnshire. Before Fishtoft she was head at Gosberton Primary School which, together with Park and Boston Pioneers makes up the Phoenix Family of Schools.

Under her the school will use iPads and state-of-the-art technology alongside the respected International Primary Curriculum.

Miss Bland said: “We are looking for a school that takes the best out of traditional education – with all the things that you would expect - but also takes the very best of what’s available in interactive, cutting edge practice.”

Being a free school means that Pioneers will not be under council control. It will get its funding directly from the Government and has been set up by a board that has more say over teachers’ pay, the curriculum and term dates.

Work began on Monday to transform the former Conway School, with £100,000 set to be spent to get it ready for 60 pupils this September.

Admissions will be handled in the same way as all local authority run primary schools.

Eventually Pioneers will take 400 children – easing a shortage of places that means many parents currently have to send their children out of town on buses to school.

Parents can book to meet Miss Bland and can, for this year only, apply directly to the school for places. Call 01205 357273 for details.