Parent fined for child’s 91 per cent non-attendance

A WOMAN who allowed her daughter to tot up a 91 per cent absence rate at a Boston school has been hit with a £350 fine by magistrates.

Throughout October, December and January, the girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, failed to turn up to the majority of her lessons, despite frequent communication from the school.

Her mother was charged with failing to secure regular attendance at school of a registered pupil.

On Monday, Boston Magistrates’ Court was told that the school had been told by the girl’s mother, who also cannot be identified, that her daughter was suffering from illness, but she did not provide a doctor’s note.

Ruksana Munir, prosecuting on behalf of education authority Lincolnshire County Council, told magistrates that on several occasions an attendance officer from the school contacted the mother to find out why her daughter had not been in school and each time was told that she would be in school the following day.

The court was told that, on the whole, she did not arrive.

The mother also told the officer that her daughter frequently left on time for school but did not arrive for her lessons.

Ms Munir added that a final warning was issued to the girl’s mother in November, and it was arranged that transport would pick her up in a morning. However, that was not successful and her attendance remained poor.

As the mother did not appear in court, no plea was entered and the case was proven in her absence.

Magistrates fined her £350 and ordered the payment of £100 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

The Standard unsuccessfully challenged the imposition of reporting restrictions on this case.

l Two more cases in which people were charged with the same offence were adjourned by the court, after Ms Munir said that attendance had been improving. These two women will now appear before magistrates on April 23, in order for the education authority to continue to monitor improvement.