School votes for senior prefect team

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Haven High Academy has appointed its Senior Prefect Team for the next academic year.

The successful students were voted for by their peers and staff and, together with the Sixth Form Ambassadors, will form the Academy’s Leadership Pathways Team.

As well as heading the student body at the Marian Campus, the team will represent the academy at a range of events and functions and will also be a driving force behind its charity fundraising throughout the year.

Leadership development for the students includes a visit to The Houses of

Parliament and understanding of leadership on the World stage, culminating in a trip in 2016 to Washington DC and New York.

The Senior Team will be led by head boy and girl Davids Balkens and Phoebe Lea and deputy head boy and girl Joe Reed and Sabine


Pictured, front, from left, Mia Holmes, Joe Reed, Davids Balkens, Phoebe Lea, Sabine Sulmeistere and China Smith; back, Mateusz Lugowski, Rytis Zalpys, Courtney English, Cayley Ainsworth, Laurynas Kovalskis and Liam Lovett.