School with its own bank and shop set for TV

The Inside Out production team at Kirton Primary School.
The Inside Out production team at Kirton Primary School.

An award-winning initiative at a primary school near Boston which helps teach its pupils about money is to be featured on television.

Kirton Primary School is to appear on the BBC’s Inside Out news programme for the bank and shop it has running in its grounds.

More filming for the BBC show.

More filming for the BBC show.

Parliament Bank and Kirton Store, as they are known, were set up about two-and-a-half years ago.

They run on a currency that the children designed themselves, known as Kirts.

Kirts are awarded to the pupils for achievements and the ‘money’ can then be spent in the store or put into the bank to gain interest.

Pupils ‘working’ in the bank and shop also receive Kirts for their time.

The project has won national awards and also exposure in the Mail on Sunday and the Moneywise magazine.

Executive head teacher Nicky Donley said there are two main advantages to the project, explaining: “The first has been that the children have become motivated to learn more independently.

“They are so keen to be rewarded in Kirts that scores in spelling and tables tests have gone through the roof and staff have put on extra clubs so the children can take more tests! Attendance has also improved as the children get Kirts for completing a half term with full attendance.”

The second advantage, she said, is that children are learning about ‘essential skills for adult life’ – that is, earning, saving and spending – in a safe environment.

She said: “They understand the value of money since they have earned it. They know about cheaper and more expensive purchases, the disappointment of an impulse buy, and the reward of saving.

“The shop and bank staff have also learned about the world of work,” she added.

Mrs Donley said pupils were ‘fascinated’ by the recent filming, adding: “We are all looking forward to seeing the final piece,” she said.