‘Take Me Out’ fun at Boston Grammar School

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Pupils at Boston Grammar School have taken part in a three-day charity event in the style of ITV’s popular dating show Take Me Out.

The event has been running since Monday and each day has seen the school’s assembly hall packed out with an audience of students and staff.

Sixth form girls had to pop a balloon instead of a light to turn out - and were joined by ‘mystery date’ option - student Billy Edwards in drag,

Some of the teachers produced comical video messages describing the three male pupils up for ‘dating’ - and there was a specially-filmed message of support from ex-pupil 50 Sniffs - AKA Jimmy May - who offered a pair of his special ‘Rey Bans’ as a consolation prize for one pupil whose date fell through.

Money raised will go towards the school’s summer prom.

Head of sixth form Louise Brown said: “It was a huge success! The Sixth Form students organised it all, and they worked tremendously hard in doing so.

“It’s been a triumph for them, because the school suffered quite substantial flood damage in December.

The students and staff have had to work through adverse circumstances – in fact large areas of the school are still unuseable – and yet they have managed to continue with their studies despite the lack of facilities.

“I’m thrilled for them that they have been able to finish the term with such a successful event.

Head Boy Ellis Potter has done a super job of getting everyone involved. Peter Fitzer was a great ‘Paddy’, and Zak Woodcock, Chris McNichol and Ashley Swanson were fantastic in the technical support.

“And of course we mustn’t forget the girls (and Billy) who were such good sports!

A lot of work went into making the videos for each contestant and the final video from 50 Sniffs was brilliant.” She added: “All in all it was a great show, a success for the kids, and more importantly an opportunity for all the staff and students to have some fun after what’s been a very trying few months!”