‘Things have changed since I said there was not a shortage of school places in Boston’

Conservative Cllr Peter Robinson, Market and West Deeping.
Conservative Cllr Peter Robinson, Market and West Deeping.
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A senior councillor who boldly claimed there was no shortage of school places in Boston accepts that the situation has now changed.

County councillor Peter Robinson told Boston Borough Council’s immigration task and finish group on May 30 last year: “There is not a shortage of school places in Boston.”

However, since the start of 2013 both Kirton and Staniland primary schools have announced plans for an extra 200 places each – with the county council stating both plans are needed “to meet additional demand”.

Coun Robinson says his comments were right last year – but that things have changed and there is now a shortage that needs to be addressed.

His original comments came during one of the hearings that led to a council report on the impact of immigration on the borough.That report will be used to lobby the Government for greater resources.

The council says no further school expansions will be needed as pupil numbers should be steady after September 2013. It also said that the plans will reduce the need to provide transport.

A new ‘free school’ is also set to open in the town in September.

Coun Peter Robinson said: “My statement was made last year in the context of the migrant issue in Boston.

“The overall situation regarding school places in the Boston area has since changed.

“ Last year there was no shortage of places, but this is no longer the case.

“ Our council constantly monitors the situation for school places across the county and the expansion at Kirton and Staniland schools is designed to help manage pupil numbers in the future.”