UPDATED: Four schools making ‘well below average’ progress in Department for Education statistics

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Education news

Pupils at four Boston area schools are making ‘well below average’ progress across eight qualifications according to Department for Education figures released today, while three others have achieved ‘average’ progress.

The Secondary School Performance Tables in England: 2016 to 2017 released by the DfE, show that under the new Progress 8 score William Lovell Church of England School, The Giles Academy, Haven High Academy and Thomas Middlecott all score well below average - joining about 12 per cent of schools in England.

Boston High School, Boston Grammar School and the Thomas Cowley School, in Donington, join about 40 per cent of schools in England as ‘average’.

The Progress 8 measure, shows how much progress pupils at the school made between the end of key stage 2 and the end of key stage 4, across eight qualifications and compared to pupils across England who got similar results at the end of key stage 2.

Schools can achieve five scores of well below average, below average, average, above average and well above average.

Under the measure, most of the schools decreased their Progress 8 score, with only Boston High School and Thomas Cowley rising.

The national average for state-funded schools is -0.03.

At post 16 education level however, (which is based on 2016 data and has not yet been updated to reflect 2017 results) the pupils at Boston High School were reported as making ‘above average’ progress, with the school coming in joint top of the league across Lincolnshire with Horncastle Grammar School. While Boston Grammar School scored an ‘average’ at 0.09. Giles Academy scored an average of 0.30, however, it had less than five pupils and so further scores were ‘suppressed’.

Headteacher at Boston High School Andrew Fulbrook said the school was ‘very, very pleased with the outcome’ and said it was an upward trend over the 2016 score.

He said: “I am delighted with these league table positions which underline the hard work of both pupils and staff in the GCSE courses last year.”

He pointed to the fact that in the Boston, Skegness and Horncastle geographical triangle the school was the highest performing School for Progress 8 and the 11th best School in Lincolnshire.

“We are the only Boston area School with a positive Progress 8 and continue to be in the top 15% of schools nationally (965=/6480) for this measure,” said a statement from the school.

“For the Key Attainment 8 measure we continue to be in the top 3 per cent of schools nationally (221/6480) and the best performing school in the Boston area.”

The results for each school at secondary level are (listed as Progress 8 score 2017, Progress 8 score 2016, the percentage achieving Grade 5 or above in English and maths and the percentage achieving EBacc at grade 5/C or above) as follows:

Boston High School: 0.18 (average), 0.17, 65 per cent, 50 per cent.

Thomas Cowley High School: -0.05 (average), -0.28, 21 per cent, 1 per cent.

Boston Grammar School: -0.22 (average), -0.15, 73 per cent, 52 per cent.

William Lovell Academy: -0.6 (well below average), -0.54, 21 per cent, 1 per cent.

Giles Academy: -0.67 (well below average), -0.24, 15 per cent, 6 per cent.

Haven High academy: -0.91 (well below average), -0.49, 15 per cent, 0 per cent.

Thomas Middlecott Academy: -0.91 (well below average), -0.81, 13 per cent, one per cent.

All schools have been contacted by The Standard.