Election call after councillor ‘jumps ship’

A BY-ELECTION is being called for in the Witham Ward after a Boston borough councillor resigned as a Conservative and became an Independent.

English Democrat Coun Elliot Fountain made the call after Coun Carol Taylor jumped ship on Monday.

In a written statement Coun Taylor said the decision to resign from the party was not through any disagreement with her colleagues.

She said: “I am still the same person who wants to represent the people of Witham Ward and Boston and I hope to continue with my determination to serve the public to the very best of my ability.”

She added: “This decision has not been taken lightly. I have given it a great deal of thought and consideration.

“To be true to myself, I could not take the easy option which would have been to carry on and say nothing.

“This alternative would not be in the best interests for the public, myself or the Conservative party.”

However, Coun Fountain said that ‘for the democratic right of the people’ he believed there should be a by-election.

He said: “The question that rightfully needs to be asked is, was she voted in or was a Conservative candidate voted in?”

He added: “Individuals cannot get voted in on a party promise then jump ship at first opportunity.”

Coun Taylor said she had no intention of resigning as a Boston borough councillor. She said: “I maintain my total commitment to the people of Witham ward and Boston.

“None of this changes the person I am and continue to be.”

Council leader Coun Peter Bedford said: “I am sad to lose a Conservative councillor, but she feels she wants to be more independent.”

The news changes the make-up of the council to: Cons 18, Inds 4, BBI 4, Lab 3, Eng Dems 2, independent unaligned 1.