Eminem world record attempt

A musician from the Boston area has won international attention as he vies to claim a world record currently held by superstar rapper Eminem.

Luke Settle, 27, of Swineshead, is hoping to break the record for the hit single with the most words in it – a distinction held by Rap God, by Eminem.

Luke, who records under the name HYBRiD and in a style that sits between rap and heavy metal, has written a song which has more words in it; but, of course, in order for him to claim the record it needs to become a hit when it is released.

The track, Untouchable, was not intended to be a potential record-breaker, says Luke, who is running a competition through his Facebook page to guess (or count) how many words it actually features. Instead, it was inspired by ‘negativity’ he has encountered during his life.

He said: “Lyrics kept on pouring out of my head for weeks. I didn’t know whether to make one song or three out of them. It was only when I had decided to compile them into one track, Untouchable, that somebody asked me how many words were going to be in the finished version.

“Once I had confirmed the total number of words, that’s when the comparison to Rap God started to happen. I was surprised myself to be honest. I had never set out with intent to write more lyrics than one of my idols.”

Luke, who has had tracks played on local radio, has received international attention for Untouchable, with media on the Continent and in the US picking up the story.

“I am honestly amazed that I’m even being mentioned in the same sentence as Eminem,” he said. “The fact this story has now catapulted across the globe, is just brilliant for an artist like me that lives in an area unknown to most.”

Untouchable, due for release this month, will be available on such platforms as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.