Emotional find in old book shop


A woman visiting a shop in Boston was so surprised to discover a mention of her late mother in an old book that she was almost moved to tears.

While looking through an old Lincolnshire cookery book at The Boston Old Times shop, in Silver Court, Mandy West found her late mother had a recipe published in the 1980s.

Shop owner Helen Shinn said: “This was all due to the kindness of a local man who donated a large suitcase full of cookery books that belonged to his late wife, to the shop.

“The next day, Mandy came into the shop to see if I had anything in about Holbeach for her scrapbook.

“I showed her one of the books, containing Lincolnshire recipes, published by Age Concern in 1983. Inside, she found lots of recipes contributed by women in the Holbeach area who she knew, then she almost cried.

“She saw the name of her mother, Biddy, and a recipe. She never knew that her mother had her name in print.

“Mandy and I are so pleased and wish to thank the anonymous gentleman who brought in the cookery books.”

“It has brought so much joy to a woman who now has something new and special connected to her late mother which she can treasure. He might like to know that a book belonging to his late wife has now made someone’s day.”