Endeavour radio back online

Wednesday, 2pm: Boston's Endeavour radio is coming back back on the internet on Saturday from 1pm.

Anybody with a computer and internet access or wireless enabled gadget can tune in and it also means you can email or call the station direct for free using Skype.

The team behind the station say they intend to stick around online till the end of the year at least, returning on FM in the summer as per tradition.

On the back of the successful Christmas broadcast, Endeavour is again looking to establish relationships with local businesses and strengthen the ones they already have over the coming months.

Endeavor's long-standing relationship with The Standard continues as we provide news and updates for the station.

The team is now looking for people to get involved and join their team, either broadcasting or working behind the scenes.

Email: getinvolved@endeavourfm.co.uk

Listen live at www.endeavourfm.co.uk