£80,000 project will protect 500 homes

AN £80,000 project to help protect 500 homes to the south of Boston from the risk of flooding has been completed.

An 11-week project on the South Forty Foot Drain was finished on Thursday and included repairing eroded parts of the river bank at a host of locations between Bicker Fen and Boston.

Rolls of vegetation have been used on the banks and in the spring they will be planted with reeds that will grow to increase the habitat on the water’s edge.

In places, the vertical angle of the bank has also been reduced to make it safer for maintenance and for members of the public who use a footpath on top of the bank.

Inland engineer Ian Russell said: “The works on the South Forty Foot Drain will help to reduce the risk of flooding by maintaining the long-term integrity of the banks.

“They have been carried out before erosion to the toe of the bank starts to effect the bank itself.

“This is particularly important during periods of heavy rainfall and high river flows when the eroded sections are most at risk of deterioration.”

In addition to the erosion repair works, cattle-drinkers – stone slopes leading to a stone platform within the river at the edge of the water – have been installed.

These will help prevent damage being caused by the animals as they walk down the bank to drink and will also stop them trampling the riverbed and stirring up silt which can cover beneficial aquatic plants and fish spawning areas.

This will help meet the requirements of the Water Framework Directive which aims to bring waterways into ‘good ecological status’ or better by 2027.

To find out more about how to protect your home from flooding call the Environment Agency’s Floodline on 0845 988 1188.