Boston In Bloom team celebrate silver success

Boston In Bloom
Boston In Bloom

Boston’s in-bloom team were just one point away from scooping a silver-gilt award – but were still delighted with the ‘fantastic result’.

Last year was the first time the town entered the In Bloom awards and Boston scored 127 points. This year it earned 149 – one short of the 150 benchmark for a silver-gilt.

Volunteer gardeners Boston Greenscapers improved in the It’s Your Neighbourhood category – going up from a level three to a level four. Pescod Square received a judges’ award for its displays.

Chairman of Boston In Bloom, Niall Armstrong, said: “It’s a fantastic result – we didn’t quite manage to gain the silver gilt, but only by one point, and we are moving towards it.”

The judges praised the ‘enthusiastic volunteers’ they met during a tour of the town and said planned projects would make Boston a ‘force to be reckoned with’.

Picked out for individual praise were Frank Thompson for his efforts in the Memorial Garden in Wide Bargte, Pescod Square, Jay’s garde’n in Archer’s Lane, Goodbarns, Bizzarro’s, Pels and the Waterfront pub, the stump church grounds, Fydell House, the Guildhall, Custom House Quay, Thistles Nursery, HMP North Sea Camp and Boston Greenscapers.

They gave advice about further improvements which could be made for next year.

Boston Greenscapers received praise for their work on Custom House Quay and the Geoff Moulder kitchen garden, .