Bushes cut to stop pooing in public

The Fence at Pooh Corner where people were defecating. DJ
The Fence at Pooh Corner where people were defecating. DJ
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A PATCH of land which was being used as an outdoor toilet had its bushes cut down in a bid to flush out the problem.

The land in the corner of Boston’s Fountain Lane car park originally featured a tree and shrubs, but they had to be trimmed back to stop people defecating there.

Boston borough councillor Carol Taylor, who nicknamed the area ‘Fence at Pooh Corner’, brought it to the attention of the borough and county council following complaints by her ward members.

She said: “The bushes were quite high, and covered a small passage that people were using to wander down and they were squatting and pooing.”

However, the area wasn’t cleared up by the authorities, instead it was done by local gardener Jeremy Peck who had been tidying the area and removing the excrement.

Coun Taylor said: “He kept the tree trimmed down and now wants to put fencing on the wall.”

She also added on her blog: “Following the cutting back of the bushes, anyone who wishes to try will be in full view of the public and we will then have to rename it name that bum!”