Campaign to keep Boston’s drains clear


People in Boston are being urged not to put the wrong items down sinks and toilets in a bid to combat sewer blockages and flooding.

Anglian Water is teaming up with Boston Borough Council for a ‘Keep It Clear’ campaign and says half of the blockages across the country are caused by people not disposing wipes and cooking fats properly.

The utility firm says it is vital to keep pipes clear so the sewers flow properly to cut the risk of flooding in storms.

An Anglian Water survey of 8,396 homes in Boston revealed there have been 239 avoidable blockages in 2014.

Katherine Briscombe, Anglian Water’s area collection manager, said: “Clearing sewer blockages costs a huge amount of time and money, which could be better spent on improving the services we provide to customers.”

Cooking fat can solidify and combine with wipes and sanitary items wrongly flushed down the drain to form disgusting ‘fatbergs’ that can be hard to move.

In Boston, wipes and sanitary products should be put in the green wheeled bin. Used cooking oil should be recycled if possible. Solid fat and small quantities soaked up in kitchen towel or newspaper can also go in the green bin.

Borough councillor Alison Austin encouraged Anglian Water to run its campaign here after an issue in her ward this May in which heavy rain caused water to come up through the drains. She said: “It is a matter of educating members of the public about what drains and sewers are able to do and how they work. Part of everyone’s water bill goes on the cost of unblocking drains and pumps. More important, of course, is the issue of public health.”

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