Cleaners forced to face ‘diabolical’ situations at ‘abused’ public loos

The public toilets near the bus station in Lincoln Lane, Boston
The public toilets near the bus station in Lincoln Lane, Boston
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Frustrated council bosses say people are abusing public toilets in Boston labelled ‘disgusting’ by some residents.

The bus station toilets in Lincoln Lane are cleaned every day, but some members of the public have expressed their disgust at being asked to pay 20 pence to use them.

A Fishtoft woman, who asked not to be named, said: “They are filthy. You don’t know what they are like inside until you have already paid the 20p to get through the door.

“It’s wrong people are being charged to use them – and they must give an awful impression of the town to visitors.”

Others have taken to social media to call the toilets ‘absolutely rank’ and ‘unhygienic’.

However, a spokesman for the council told The Standard the cleaners sometimes have to do extra clean-ups ‘because people appear not to know how to use the loo’.

“The cleaners face some pretty diabolical clean-up situations,” he said. “We don’t make them dirty, and we don’t leave them dirty.”

Along with the Wide Bargate and Central Park toilets, the Lincoln Lane facilities underwent a £99,000 refurbishment back in May.

Coun Derek Richmond, portfolio holder for the town centre, said: “The toilet cleaners aim to visit each of the facilities five or six times each day, seven days a week.

“The toilets are cleaned and disinfected and always left in a serviceable condition. Any issues beyond normal cleaning are dealt with as soon as possible Unfortunately, despite all our cleaners’ best efforts, there are still times, between visits, when people have left them in an unfit condition. One would hope they would not leave their own toilets in their own homes in such a state, and there has to be some sympathy for what the cleaners are sometimes faced with.Lincoln Lane toilets were inspected after receiving the enquiry from The Standard and found to be clean, functioning and sweet-smelling.”

Calls to alert us to unsatisfactory conditions at any of the council-run toilets can be made to 01205 314200.