COLUMN: Why we support campaign to tackle litter in Boston

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Today’s front page contains the first batch of suspected litter louts the council want to trace and fine.

Why do we support this?

Well, on our letters pages, website and social media channels, many of you have passionately told us that you wish Boston looked cleaner and tidier. You want to be proud of the town – and don’t want its many attributes to be let down by rubbish on the streets.

We agree.

We know there are some common comments when we run this sort of thing.

Firstly - why just focus on litter?

Why not shame offenders of all types?

That may be a fair point. However, the offer is always on the table to the police - if we can assist appeals by using CCTV we will (and did in last week’s edition). We happen to think we can do even more with police on this but,while the ball is in their court, we appreciate that they have to weigh up what action is necessary to bring someone to justice.

That argument does also overlook the fact that littering is wrong. Too many people who drop litter arrogantly assume their ‘small’ act is ‘no big deal’.

This is an attitude that needs to be shaken.

Secondly, some may bring up that we’ve ‘done this before’. True.

Again, though, that ignores that the issue is still there and that we can do our bit to help.

The cameras and images captured are now much better and can get a pretty decent close up of those involved.

You can knock the council if you want – and some at West Street feel ‘knocked’ pretty often on our letters pages and online – but they want to do something positive to make the town a nicer place to live and work for all of us.

We, of course, need to hold the council to account when necessary but sitting on our backsides and simply moaning about everything wouldn’t be good enough.

It’s right for us all – council, paper, readers – to work side-by-side towards a better town.

Finally, some may think it’s all a bit ‘big brother’ to be using cameras to catch out offenders.

The simple fact is that if you do nothing wrong you’ve got nothing to worry about.