Council Swats away fly-tip score of 985-1

There were 985 fly-tipping issues in Boston last year, but the council says the spike is down to the new way the crimes are tackled.

The numbers were 217 per cent up from 2010/11, with just one person being prosectued in court despite the large number.

Boston Borough Council says the increase in fly-tip sites, highlighted by the AnyJunk website, is due to the way the authorities now all work together under ‘Operation Fly Swat’.

It says all sites are now all recorded by the council, unlike other areas, and says it will have handed out a number of fixed penalty notices to offenders which will not have appeared in the convictions data released by AnyJunk.

The report labelled Boston as having the fourth worst year-on-year increase in fly-tipping in the country.

The only man taken to court in 2011/12 was 40-year-old Christopher Smith, of Franklin Close, Boston.

In February he was sentenced to 250 hours of unpaid work and ordered to pay £250 clear up fees for dumping waste items including a soiled mattress, an exercise bike and a vacuum cleaner in Chapel Passage last July.

Operation Fly Swat has recently been extended to cover South Holland too.

Boston Borough Council says the AnyJunk survey is flawed.

Officers have pointed out that the website puts Boston’s population at 131,200 - well above the 64,000 recent census figure.

Prisoners from North Sea Camp help clear up sites.

A council spokesman said: “It’s not surprising that the combined total for 2011/12 is so much higher than for 2010/11 but should not be interpreted as the Boston borough area being so much worse for fly-tipping than other areas.”