Council takes ‘urgent’ action to fell ‘danger trees’

The area where the trees were cut down in Witham Way Country Park.
The area where the trees were cut down in Witham Way Country Park.

Five trees deemed ‘dangerous’ have been felled at Witham Way Country Park – to the outrage of a park user who felt it was ‘unnecessary’.

Boston Borough Council has defended its position to take down the five trees after the issue was raised to The Standard by a resident, who did not want to be named.

“It is a country park and a nature reserve and I don’t think they should be cutting down trees,” they said. “It’s my understanding that the council did not put this to consultation, they just went ahead and did it.”

Leader of the council, Coun Peter Bedford said the decision was taken as a matter of urgency as they were felt to be posing a danger to a home backing onto the park.

“Concerns about the tall trees alongside the bungalow on the edge of the park have been expressed since 2008,” he said. “The owners of that property asked me to visit the site. It was very windy and I would not have liked to have been in that property in those conditions. I had every sympathy with the occupants. In view of the levels of stress and anxiety this was causing the residents and the extreme weather we have had I felt this needed dealing with urgently.”

Coun Bedford said the bungalow was built when the trees were small – but they were about 60ft when they were taken down.

“I shared the residents’ concerns that they now represented a danger to them and their property,” he said.

The trees were removed ‘at no cost to the council’ as the firm which removed them did so for free in exchange for keeping the felled timber.

“The felling of five trees will not denude the park,” added Coun Bedford. “There have been other areas of the park cleared of trees and it still has a good population of healthy trees. I like to see trees in good condition and in the right place and have, in the past, made the case for a tree preservation order.”