Drainage boards invest in new equipment

Boston Boards
Boston Boards

DRAINAGE boards in Boston have joined forces to invest in state-of-the-art watercourse bank cutting equipment.

Black Sluice and Witham Fourth District Internal Drainage Boards have come together to buy the new machines, which are built in Italy and specifically designed for grass cutting, replacing the more traditional tractor and flail combination.

They say the machinery will help to ensure the continuing high standard of maintenance in watercourses in the area.

Andy Carrott engineering manager at Witham Fourth, said: “They are bespoke machines with a swivel cab that enables the operator to have an unrestricted view of the cutting operation compared to the compromise of a tractor and flail, where he has to look over his shoulder to the rear of the tractor.”

The machines can go much faster and the cutting flail can operate in both directions allowing for a quicker turnaround.

The picture shows two machines working together to perform three separate cuts during the same pass along the bank.

Stuart Hemmings, Black Sluice chief executive, said: “Their increased efficiency allows us to perform our essential flood risk and water level management work whilst keeping costs under control which will be welcomed by our ratepayers.”