Economic Development Strategy Story

A NEW marina for Boston could be on the cards for Boston, it has been revealed.

Boston Borough Council has been approached by a number of companies interested in developing new marina facilities in Boston.

However a spokesman said the council has no specific location in mind and there is commercial sensitivity around it.

Head of planning and strategy at the council Steve Lumb said: “Naturally, with our location and geography, the barrier project and existing and proposed new navigational links there is interest and our strategy is one of support and we will devote time to assist.”

The proposals were put forward in the council’s Interim Economic Development Strategy 2011-13 which has been accepted by a full cabinet meeting of Boston Borough Councillors.

Approved on Wednesday, the report looks at areas where the council should focus on improving the town and includes four basic objectives covering business, appearance, education and transport.

Coun Peter Bedford said some of the objectives would not have action taken directly but would look at how the council could support them.

Other infrastructure elements the council are hoping to support are developments of the port and the railway.

However, Mr Lumb stressed that this was a strategy and not specific proposals.

He said: “It [the report] highlights key matters and opportunities considered central and important to Boston and where we would focus attention and resource.

“But much is dependent on private sector and/or other agencies coming forward and the document indicates our support for this.”

The Economic Development Strategy, was developed following an Audit Commission inspection in 2009 when it was noted that the council did not have one.

Although council officers did not believe one was needed it was agreed to create an interim strategy to provide direction to the borough’s development.

The councillors have also agreed to develop a long term economic strategy over the next two years.