FEATURE: Council ‘confident’ over fly-tipping fight

The Tulip team pictured during last week's Big Boston Clean-up.
The Tulip team pictured during last week's Big Boston Clean-up.

There has been a ‘significant’ decrease in the fly-tipping of domestic black bags in recent years, Boston Borough Council has reported.

Between April and December 2014, there were 100 such incidents.

This compares to 360 for the same time period in 2012, representing a 72 per cent reduction.

The figures went before the council’s cabinet on Wednesday as part of the latest quarterly report on performance, risk and finance monitoring.

Members also heard that there had been sizeable reductions in fly-tipping incidents of electrical and household goods, green waste and tyres.

“We are confident that our current approach to collecting side waste and providing a bulky waste collection service is helping to maintain a low level of fly-tipping and we will continue to monitor this proactively so that we can take action if this changes,” it states in the report that went before members.

In all, there were 710 fly-tipping incidents in the borough between April and December 2014.

For the same time period in 2012, the figure was about a third higher at 1,081.

The type of waste most commonly dumped in both time period, according to the report, was ‘other house’.

This fell by 17 per cent from 398 to 330.

Coun Mike Gilbert, member for the Central Ward, said Operation Fly Swat may have contributed

to the decline in the figures.

The multi-agency initiative, which was launched at the end of 2011, uses manpower from inmates at HM North Sea Camp Open Prison to clear fly-tipped rubbish in the borough and beyond.

He said: “I suspect the work of the Fly Swat team prevents areas of the borough becoming havens for fly-tipping.”

Change in the number of fly-tipping incidents from 2012 to 2014, in the months of April to December, by waste type:

Animal carcass - up from three to 14

Asbestos - up from two to five

Black bag, commercial - up from six to eight

Black bag, domestic - down from 360 to 100

Chemical drums and fuel - down from nine to none

Clinical - up from none to two

Construction - unchanged at 17

Other electrical - down from 86 to 19

White goods - up from 21 to 39

Green - down from 65 to 28

Other house - down from 398 to 330

Other - up from 14 to 93

Vehicle - up from six to seven

Other commercial - up from 19 to 22

Total - down from 1,081 to 710