Flood defence work at Friskney bank

WORK has now been completed on a £22,500 project to shore-up sea defences at Friskney sea bank.

Last week the Environment Agency (EA) finished work on the three-week project which involved raising the height of the bank in four places using 400 tons of material identical to that already within the bank.

The repairs were capped with a further 150 tons of stone to help prevent future damage.

Adam Robinson, of the EA’s operations delivery team, said: “The banks had become 400mm lower than the adjacent bank as a result of vehicles using farm access tracks that run across them.

“We have raised the level of the crest to reinstate their original height and topped them with stone to protect them.”

The EA says these works were ‘vital’ to help reduce the risk of flooding to people and properties in Lincolnshire should the sea breach the defence closest to the shore.

Mr Robinson added: “Our maintenance will help to ensure they remain effective in reducing the risk but they cannot remove it completely.”

l More details via www.environment-agency.gov.uk/flood.

l To find out about how to protect yourself from flooding call Environment Agency’s Floodline on 0845 988 1188.