Fly-tippers beware - tougher new laws await


Fly-tippers beware - a new law is making it easier for the county’s authorities to seize and destroy culprit’s vehicles.

The Control of Waste (Dealing with Seized Property) Regulations 2015 came into force in England and Wales last week and broadens the range of offences for which a vehicle can be seized.

It also removes the need for a warrant to be obtained before seizure and sets out the circumstances under which the enforcement authority may sell 
or destroy seized property.

The news is welcomed by the CLA, which represents thousands of landowners, farmers and rural businesses in the eastern region.

CLA East regional director Ben Underwood said: “The CLA has been calling for fly-tippers to be dealt with more robustly for years. “This change in the law to make it easier for authorities to seize fly-tippers’ vehicles is an important step towards tackling a serious issue for landowners.”