Funding for hedges and woodland in 2013

Thousands of new trees and hedges are set to be planted as part of a county council drive to turn Lincolnshire green in 2013.

The council’s Hedge and Small Woodland Grant scheme will see 33,000 new trees will be planted during January 2013, an increase of 7,500 on last year.

They will be funded through 34 grants – with two already awarded in Boston. The planting equates to 7.8km of new hedges and 1.8 hectare of small woodlands.

Lincolnshire County Council provides a 50 per cent grant of up to £2,000 towards the cost of trees - and protection.

Executive councillor Eddy Poll said: “This is a huge number of new trees and hedges which will make a significant and noticeable improvement to our landscape and wildlife, as the scheme has already done for a number of years.”

The 2013/14 grant is open to anyone who owns or manages land in the county. Call 01522 552349 for details.