LETTER: Council should cut the grass more often


Boston Labour councillors are demanding a major review of our grounds maintenance contract at Boston Borough Council.

For some time now, we have been receiving some complaints from the people of Boston who are disappointed with the number of grass cuts that the council makes per year.

At the present time, most of our grass verges are only cut seven times a year.

We are aware that other organisations such as housing associations are cutting their grass up to 17 times a year.

We know that this causes lots of confusion about who is responsible for grass cutting in any given area within the borough and we urge Boston Borough Council to take a radical step by increasing its grass cutting to 11 times per year.

In addition we urge them to renegotiate with Lincolnshire Highways department to increase their cuts to 11 per year as well, as Boston Borough Council at present cuts the grass on their behalf.

We would also urge our local county councillors to support this initiative and they might even want to go the extra step by donating some of their Big Society Grant as they all get £2,000 and this would certainly help and cut a lot of grass.

We feel that nothing short of a minimum of 11 cuts per year on Boston Borough Council and Lincolnshire County Council land is essential to improve the appearance of our town.

We believe that doing any less than this is letting the taxpayers down and gives visitors a poor impression of our town.

Boston Labour councillors