‘Litter vacuum’ is put to use in town

Vacuum litter collector
Vacuum litter collector

A vacuum-powered mechancial litter picker is being put to use to tidy up Boston.

Main Ridge East Placecheck group went to Burgess Pit last week to put the gadget through its paces.

It has been funded by a £1,000 grant from Boston Town Area Committee (BTAC) and Boston Mayflower and will be used as part of the Mayflower ‘Clean Streets For All’ project.

The machine is said to be useful for sucking up litter where the street-cleaning machines cannot reach and smaller items too fiddly for other litter pickers.

It has a small two-stroke engine, similar to a leaf blower, and sucks rubbish into a lined wheelie bin. The fibreglass lid, which holds the engine and the suction mechanism, is manufactured by a local firm, Premier Composites, of Hubberts Bridge.

Rachel Lauberts, secretary of Main Ridge East Placecheck Group, said the group aims to use the machine as part of annual Boston in Bloom activities, clean all 23 streets in the ‘Placecheck’ area at least once a year and make it available to other groups wishing to put it to good use in the town.

Contact Rachel on 01205 312876 to arrange to borrow the machine. Some training will be required.