Name and shame the borough’s litter louts

LITTER louts are to be named and shamed thanks to an innovative new CCTV project run jointly by Boston Borough Council and The Standard.

Those deliberately dropping litter in the borough may now find themselves caught on the council’s 72 CCTV cameras, being pictured in The Standard and facing a fine or being taken to court.

“There will be no hiding place for people who deliberately litter our town or leave behind them the mess their dogs drop,” said Gilly Gilbert, a former Boston policeman and the council’s CCTV supervisor (pictured, front). “As with all operational use of CCTV, those who are doing nothing wrong will have nothing to fear.”

After August 31, CCTV images of of unidentified offenders will be published monthly in The Standard and readers will be asked to help name and shame those that cannot be identified by police or the council. Once identified, they will then be issued with a £75 fixed penalty notice or taken to court. It is hoped the name and shame feature will also act as a deterrent.

The scheme proved effective when it was launched three years ago.

Now, with calls from the public for more action on littering, it’s coming back.

Coun Michael Brookes, portfolio holder for street cleansing and refuse, said: “We are pleased to team up with the Boston Standard to help us track down these offenders who fly in the face of public opinion and the law by littering our streets.”

He added: “We constantly receive complaints from community groups, parish councils and neighbourhood panels about this anti-social activity and will not fail to take action against those offenders who we can identify.”

Editor of the Boston Standard Stephen Stray said: “Here at the paper we are committed to help improve the town for all in our community. We hope this campaign will send a clear message to those who think it is acceptable to litter our streets or allow their dogs to foul without clearing up their mess that this will no longer be tolerated.”

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