Open prison inmates clear up 199 fly tip sites


Boston borough’s Operation Fly Swat team from North Sea Camp cleaned up 199 dumping sites in the period from July through to the end of September.

Rubbish had been tipped at 53 locations at the side of roads, 69 on footpaths, alleys and bridleways, 32 beside water courses and eight on farm land.

Eight animal carcasses were recovered, 43 loads were household waste and 103 amounted to van

Rubbish dumped included construction waste, electrical goods, garden waste and tyres. Most of the items which are fly-tipped can be disposed of and recycled free of charge at the household waste recycling centre at Slippery Gowt Lane.

Anyone witnessing fly-tipping can report it with details of the location of the offence, time, details of vehicle registration, description of what has been dumped and, if at all possible, a photo of the offence.

Call the enforcement officer on 01205 311112.