Plan to ‘flag up’ dog poo in Boston’s Central Park

Dog poo flag
Dog poo flag

Flags will be placed in piles of dog poo left in Boston’s Central Park to try to get pet owners to clear up after their pooches.

Council bosses say they hope dog walkers will return to the scene of the mess and be shamed into clearing up the faeces and their act by not letting their pets foul again.

Chiefs say that 40 piles of poo have been left for others to clean up at the park in recent weeks – and they hope the flags will be a quirky way of clearing the park up for families in the summer.

The flags have been used at Westgate Woods, where Coun Richard Austin reported some success.

He said: “Dogs being creatures of habit they often return to the same place and that’s when the owners are confronted by the flag – evidence that someone else has found what they haven’t bothered to collect.

“It does seem to work. Since we started flagging up the problem there has been a marked decrease in the amount not cleaned up.”

The flags display a message – some caustic, some humorous – to remind the owner of the need to clean up.

Officers have warned that pet owners caught letting their dogs foul will face a £50 fixed penalty notice.