Planters get set for event - and brace themselves for ‘inevitable’ Ash Die Back

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Members of Boston Woods Trust are gearing up for their annual tree planting party - and to cope with the effects of Ash Die Back.

The party will be held on the last Sunday of the month – November 25 – with hazel to be put in Westgate Wood.

Members of the trust say they are yet to feel the effects of Ash Die Back - the fungus disease killing many trees in the UK – but feel it will be inevitable that it will come to its 100 acres of woods and parkland.

Vice-chairman Richard Austin said: “The spores of this fungus disease can be spread over long distances by the wind so, inevitably, in due time our ash trees will be infected and killed by this virulent disease. In Denmark 90 per cent of ash trees are already affected.

“We have planted over 30 species of trees and estimate that between 10 and 15 per cent of these are ash.

“In the 22-acre Westgate Wood in Wyberton, there are about four acres of ash scattered throughout the wood. In Fenside’s Grange Wood there are about two acres.

“The government are asking walkers to wash themselves and their dogs before going from one wood to another to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.”

Planting party volunteers should go to the car park on Old Hammond Beck Road with a spade from 9.30am on November 25.

Lincolnshire County Council has given a £20,000 grant to the Woodlands Trust to help install a dozen new woods to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and for 40 free tree packs for schools and communities across the county.