Rare ‘Naomi Campbell’ bird visits RSPB Frampton Marsh

The black-winged stilt at RSPB Frampton Marsh. Photo: RSPB
The black-winged stilt at RSPB Frampton Marsh. Photo: RSPB

Twitchers and wildlife photographers are flocking to RSPB Frampton Marsh to catch a glimpse of a rare bird to Britain’s shores.

The black-winged stilt was pictured at the nature reserve near Boston enjoying a wade around the wetlands and looking for food.

The site’s visitor experience manager Chris Andrews said: “Sometimes referred to as the Naomi Campbell of the bird world, due it its elegance and incredibly long legs, the black-winged stilt should be in the Mediterranean but instead arrived here on Tuesday. Maybe it heard the weather report for the weekend?”

The sighting has attracted bird-watchers to the site from as far afield as Yorkshire and Hertfordshire.

Mr Andrews said only a couple of the birds were seen in the UK each year - but numbers have gone up slightly in recent years to around a dozen ‘due to global warming’.

It is, however, the fourth year in a row the RSPB site has been visited by a solo black-winged stilt.

“We do a lot of work making the reserve absolutely brilliant for birds - and the wildlife is flourishing as a result,” Mr Andrews added. “We are swiftly gaining a reputation not just as one of the best reserves in Lincolnshire, but in the whole UK.”