Riverbank collapses as Boston mains pipe bursts

Collapsed river bank, Horncastle Road, Boston.
Collapsed river bank, Horncastle Road, Boston.

A mains water pipe serving thousands of properties across the Boston area burst on Saturday evening – leaving some without any water.

The ruptured 18-inch wide pipe, along Horncastle Road, left a huge hole in the banks of the Maud Foster Drain.

Standard readers from across the area, including Butterwick and Donington, reported problems with their water supply – with many saying they noticed a drop in pressure, and others being left with no running water and toilets that wouldn’t flush. Wetherspoons pub in Boston was one of several businesses left without water, and had to close on Saturday evening. It reopened the next morning.

Anglian Water stopped the leak by 11pm and repaired the pipe. It secured the damaged riverbank the following day.

A spokesman for the authority said the burst pipe served a ‘widespread’ area - but not all properties will have felt the effects – due to a number of ‘storage points’ such as water towers and underground tanks.

He said: “A few, mainly those between the pipe and the first strorage point, may have been left without water, some may have had a drop in their water pressure, while others wouldn’t have noticed anything at all.”

This latest incident comes less than two years after a mains pipe burst in the same area in May 2012, causing part of the road to collapse into the river and affecting supplies.

The spokesman added: “We’re sorry that customers in and around Boston were briefly affected. We will continue to work with the Environment Agency to finish work on the riverbank, as well as reviewing options to renew this pipe and reduce the chances of similar problems occurring in the future.”