Solicitor looks into smell gripe

STAPLES Vegetables in Wrangle may be facing legal action over nuisance claims, after several residents filed a complaint over issues with noise and smell.

A number of householders have contacted a specialist environmental solicitor complaining that the smell coming from the digesters on the site and noise from the plant are affecting their quality of life.

Legal firm Hugh James is now investigating the possibility of raising a civil claim against the company.

Solicitor Gwen Evans, who works for the Cardiff-based firm, told The Standard: “We’re in the investigatory stages at the moment, but based on information it seems there is a legitimate claim.

“There are quite a few people who have been affected by these problems, so it would go through as a group claim.”

Ms Evans added that the people she had spoken to wanted the problem to stop, but there could also be an aspect of financial compensation.

Wrangle resident Bob McAuley found out about the claim after receiving a letter from Hugh James. The letter was sent out to all households within a mile of Staples.

He said he had not been aware of the claim until then, but that there had been problems caused by smell and noise in the past.

Mr McAuley added: “We have had issues with the smell coming from there.

“We don’t open the windows or go out in the garden as much in the summer as there is a rank smell.”

Staples built a second reservoir on the site last year to try and tackle issues with smell.

The complaint comes as Staples has submitted a planning application to increase the number of caravans for agricultural workers from 41 to 63 to cater for a larger number of seasonal migrant workers at the site. The company also wants to change a piece of agricultural land the recreational land.

The application, which is due to be decided on June 14, has been opposed by a number of people on the grounds of over-development.

Staples did not respond to contact from The Standard.