VIDEO: Park ‘lacks maintenance’

A group which looks at issues in the centre of Boston has accused the council of a lack of maintenance around Central Park.

Boston Central Panel raised concerns the council has taken care of the judging route for Boston in Bloom, but ignored other parts.

Boston Central Panel, from left: Julian Thompson, Tim Norman, Mary Hull, Janet Carter, Jeff Skinner. NA

Boston Central Panel, from left: Julian Thompson, Tim Norman, Mary Hull, Janet Carter, Jeff Skinner. NA

Panel chairman Jeff Skinner said: “One face of Boston is Boston in Bloom and then there’s this, the other face.”

He pointed to issues such as overgrown weeds, overhanging trees, fences being painted without shrubs being cut back first leaving them covered with blue paint, signs left to deteriorate and rogue trees left to grow on their own.

This was on top of litter, drinking in the park and people going to the toilet behind the substation or in plain view of members of the public.

Mr Skinner said: “If you go in there [the substation] it’s filled with human faeces. Drinkers go in bushes to relieve themselves.”

He said a full time gardener used to concentrate on the park, however, there are now two attendants who also deal with other areas of the town.

The borough council’s portfolio holder for parks and open spaces Coun Yvonne Gunter, Boston, said ‘no special treatment’ was given to Central Park for the in bloom competition.

She said the council had a routine weed control programme, but blamed the ‘time of austerity’ for some areas getting ahead of them.

Coun Gunter said: “We always do our best to respond to concerns raised directly with us as quickly as we can. Our staff who care for Central Park are dedicated and take great pride in their work there. Half of the plants in Central Park have been grown in their own gardens and some give their own time, in addition to their paid time, to do little extras.”

She said the plants with paint from the fences, painted by volunteers, had not suffered and said the council were looking at removing shrubs near the entrance and engineering areas of the park in order to reduce and control anti-social behaviour.