Volunteer master gardeners needed in the Boston area

GREEN-fingered master gardeners are being sought in a new volunteer recruitment drive.

Garden Organic, the national charity for organic growing, has been working with Boston Borough and East Lindsey District councils to support their community growing spaces - including the one in Boston’s Central Park.

Their volunteer master gardeners offer free support and advice to community gardens and households for the period of one year. The 17 master gardeners in Boston and East Lindsey are now supporting 27 households in their first growing season.

A spokesman for Garden Organic said: “The project is expanding and we are proud to begin working alongside North Kesteven, West Lindsey and South Kesteven District Councils, as well as building on the success in the Boston and East Lindsey areas.”

The projects are funded through the Health and Wellbeing Fund, a partnership between NHS Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire County Council.

Master gardeners should have at least two years growing experience. There are two training days for successful applicants, for Boston on October 14-15 and East Lindsey on September 24-25.

l For more information visit www.lincolnshire.mastergardeners.org.uk